Customized service

Customized production service

We have modern services in our company to meet the need of components from different trades and professional processing from the world.

For providing comprehensive range of product testing services, we have professional design and services of engineering and manufacturing. In this competitive market of manufacturing, serving customers is Yue Yi industry’s first goal.

We are able to provide customers a wide range of precise machine components, such as alloy steel, stainless steel, aluminum, cast iron, brass, bronze, copper and special materials from customers. Our company also includes various processing of secondary operations, for instance, drilling, tapping, heat treatment, and surface treatment. Moreover, we can provide the certificate of materials and inspection reports if customers need.

The following simple steps can complete your customization

Step1 .

Send us e-mail with product image file of the CAD / JPEG or PDF format. If there is no documentation, we can also accept sample prototypes.

Step2 .

Confirm your needs of material, and discuss follow-up processing by phone or mail.

Step3 .

We will plan processing procedures and provide samples or a quotation to you according to your requirements.